David Amram
Composer, Conductor & Multi-instrumentalist

Here are links to David Amram's selected Discography and his three books, all of which are still in print.

David Amram has been writing books since 1965 and appearing on recordings since 1955. His three books, "Vibrations: A Memoir," "Offbeat: Collaborating with Kerouac" & "Upbeat: Nine Lives of a Musical Cat" published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, are memoirs about his musical adventures around the world. He is currently working on his fourth book, David Amram: The Next 80 Years.

His discography includes some of his most popular symphonic compositions, his chamber music, his work as a bandleader, a multi instrumentalist, an improvising lyricist, as well as selected recordings of some of his favorite musicians and poets he has been invited to record with since 1955.

The discography ends with selected scores he has composed for classic films, the theater and two of his operas.

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